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Resources on Vermicomposting

Vericomposting uses worms to decompose organic waste into rich soil. This reduces garbage going into trash cans or down your kitchen sink disposal and provides high-quality soil for gardening or other uses.

Vermicomposting Lesson Plans - Lesson plans about vermicomposting, produced by the Professional Recyclers of Pennsylvania.

Teacher's Guide To Vermicomposting - “The Worm Guide: A Teacher’s Guide to Vermicomposting” is published by the California Integrated Waste Management Board.

Start a Vermicomposting Bin - an article on how to start a vermicomposting bin in your kitchen in the online magazine, Suite101.com.

The Basics of Vermicomposting - A complete guide to vermicomposting by WormMainea.

Vermicomposting (Making Good Use of Garbage!) - This site, aimed at children, is from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.

Big Business Vermicomposting - New Jersey-based TerraCycle is trying to eliminate the idea of waste by paying individuals and organizations to collect certain kinds of trash (e.g., cookie wrappers, plastic soda bottles, etc.) and ship it to them. They then recycle the trash into usable products. The company's flagship product, TerraCycle Plant Food™, is an all-natural, all-organic, "goof-proof" liquid plant food made from waste (worm poop) and packaged in waste (reused soda bottles).

Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering, NC State University - Rhonda Sherman, an Extension Solid Waste Specialist, has collected a wealth of information on composting and vermicomposting, including training sites. Her publications page includes (among others articles) a vermicomposting set-up and troubleshooting guide called Worms Can Recycle Your Garbage, and Worm Away Your Cafeteria Food Scraps, a guide to classroom vermicomposting.

City Farmer Comics - Worm composting and backyard composting explained in comic-book form.

BioCycle Magazine, November 2000 - An article on commercial vermicomposting and large-scale factory vermicomposting.

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