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Resources on e-Cycling

E-cycling is the reuse/recycling of computers and other electronic devices. While some electronics are recycled, many more end up in the garbage. Electronics contain mercury, lead and cadmium that can harm the environment by leaching into groundwater or into the air through incineration. The links below discuss reuse, recycling, and disposal of electronic waste.

What to do about E-waste - A Green Living Guide from the Natural Resources Defense Council that explains what E-Waste is and what can be done about it.

PC World: The Dangers of E-Waste - An informative video produced by PC World that covers the environmental impacts of E-Waste and what can be done to help.

Good Magazine: E-Waste - A brief but interesting and very informative video about E-Waste from GOOD Magazine.

"Don't recycle 'e-waste' with haste, activists warn" - An article from USA Today about the hazards of improper disposal of e-waste.

What is E-Waste? - A site from the California Integrated Waste Management Board that explains E-Waste.

‘E-cycling’ puts new life in electronic junk - an Associated Press article on E-Cycling from 2006.

Ecycling - Information about E-Cycling from the Environmental Protection Agency, through their Energy Star program.

Plug In To e-Cycling - partnership between EPA and consumer electronics manufacturers, retailers, and service providers that offers you more opportunities to donate or recycle - to "eCycle" - your used electronics.


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